How to Generate AI-led Traffic Videos with ChatGPT: No Need for Face or Voice

In their quest to obtain efficient and engaging content, many content creators have turned to AI technology. With the rise of AI-driven solutions, generating traffic videos has never been easier. In this blog post, we explore how ChatGPT, an innovative AI platform, can be used to create impactful traffic videos without the need for face or voice. By leveraging the power of AI, content creators can now seamlessly generate compelling videos that captivate their audience. Discover the endless possibilities that await in this exciting realm of AI-led traffic videos with ChatGPT.

How to Generate AI-led Traffic Videos with ChatGPT: No Need for Face or Voice


In today’s digital age, video content has become essential for businesses to connect with their audience and drive traffic to their websites. However, creating engaging videos can be a challenge for many individuals who are camera-shy or struggle with video content creation. Fortunately, advancements in AI technology have paved the way for a new solution: AI-generated videos. In this article, we will review a video created by Jonathan Montoya that demonstrates how to generate AI-led traffic videos using ChatGPT, without the need for face or voice.

The Power of AI in Video Creation

AI technology has come a long way, and one remarkable platform that utilizes this technology is “hey Jen.” Using this platform, individuals can create videos with replicated faces, voices, and even hand movements. This approach is particularly suitable for those who feel uncomfortable appearing on camera or have difficulty creating video content from scratch. With the help of AI-generated videos, anyone can produce professional-looking content that captivates their audience.

AI-Generated Videos and Business Success

In the video by Jonathan Montoya, he showcases the success of AI-generated videos in generating leads and selling courses and software. By leveraging the power of AI, individuals can effectively promote their products or services without the need for traditional video production methods. The key to creating impactful AI videos lies in having a clear script that is aligned with the business goals. “Hey Jen” provides users with the capability to create videos based on a well-structured script, ensuring effective communication of the intended message.

Key Moments in the Video

Throughout Jonathan Montoya’s video, several key moments shed light on the benefits of AI-led traffic video creation:

  1. Starting Affiliate Marketing: The video highlights the potential for affiliate marketing to help individuals quit their 9-to-5 jobs and achieve financial freedom. By becoming an affiliate marketer, individuals can earn a passive income by promoting products or services and earning a commission for each sale made through their unique affiliate links.

  2. Creating Videos with HeyGen: The video showcases how AI technology, specifically through the platform “hey Jen,” can be used to generate AI-led traffic videos. HeyGen allows users to create videos with replicated faces and voices, enabling them to deliver compelling content without ever appearing on camera.

  3. Writing Video Scripts with ChatGPT: Jonathan Montoya emphasizes the importance of writing effective video scripts that resonate with the target audience. Using ChatGPT, an advanced language model, users can craft persuasive scripts that capture viewers’ attention and encourage action.

  4. Getting More People to Watch Videos: The video delves into the strategies for attracting more viewers to AI-generated videos. From optimizing video titles and descriptions to promoting videos through social media and email marketing, there are various techniques that can be employed to increase video visibility and reach a wider audience.

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To further expand on the knowledge discussed in this video, Jonathan Montoya recommends exploring two additional topics: making money through email marketing and generating income through affiliate marketing. These topics provide valuable insights into monetization strategies that can complement the use of AI-led traffic videos.


In conclusion, AI-generated videos offer a revolutionary solution for individuals who are camera-shy or face challenges in creating engaging video content. Jonathan Montoya’s video demonstrates the power of AI in crafting compelling traffic videos using ChatGPT. With the ability to replicate faces, voices, and hand movements, AI technology has transformed the video creation process, empowering individuals to generate professional-looking content without ever needing to show their face or speak on camera.

FAQs After The Conclusion

  1. How does AI-generated video creation work?
    AI-generated video creation utilizes advanced AI technology, such as ChatGPT, to replicate faces, voices, and even hand movements. By inputting a clear script aligned with business goals, individuals can create professional-looking videos without appearing on camera or speaking on video.

  2. Can AI-generated videos effectively generate leads and sell products or services?
    Yes, AI-generated videos have been proven to generate leads and drive sales. These videos can effectively promote products or services by delivering a persuasive message aligned with the intended marketing goals.

  3. How can I start affiliate marketing?
    To start affiliate marketing, you can begin by finding affiliate programs that align with your niche or interests. Sign up for these programs, obtain unique affiliate links, and promote products or services through various marketing channels to earn commissions on successful sales.

  4. Is email marketing a profitable strategy?
    Yes, email marketing can be a highly profitable strategy when executed effectively. By building an email list of interested subscribers and sending targeted, valuable content, individuals can nurture relationships and drive conversions, leading to increased revenue.

  5. Are there any risks associated with using affiliate links in videos or descriptions?
    While using affiliate links in videos and descriptions can potentially generate income, it is important to disclose any affiliate relationships to viewers. Additionally, ensure that the products or services being promoted align with your audience’s interests and needs to maintain trust and credibility.

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